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  • heartwarming Homemade Gifts!

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018   /   by Dane Carlson

    heartwarming Homemade Gifts!

    t can be difficult to pick out the perfect gift for mom and dad—especially for little ones. Dad probably owns a thousand neckties and mom a handful of necklaces. So why not give a personalized, homemade gift this year? They’re sure to appreciate the time and effort, and will love that it’s something they can actually use!

    Parents Day Mug

    Make a mug
    Mugs are among the easiest things to personalize, as you can write nearly anything on them in the market for a long-lasting surprise. You can create anything from a cool design or pattern, sketch on a sports team logo, or even write out a quote—the possibilities are endless.



      1. Outline your design in pencil on the mug, then trace your design with the oil-based permanent marker.

      1. Place your mug on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 350ºF for about 20 minutes.

      1. Let the mug cool completely before handling.

    Parents Day Coffee Cozy

    Personalized Coffee Cozy 
    If your parents are coffee lovers, they’ll love this cozy coffee sleeve that’s decorated just to their taste.



      1. Take your sock and cut off the foot, leaving only the longer, rectangular cylinder-shaped half.

      1. Sew a decorative line of buttons onto the sock, long-ways, or simply pin your decorations to the sock.

      1. Slip into a coffee cup to keep it warm.

    Parents Day Coupon Book

    Create a coupon book
    This gift is perfect for little ones or young teens who can’t yet afford to run to the store. On small sheets of paper, draw up some ideas for redeemable coupons—like putting away toys, a free hug, or a parent date night—and cut them out for mom and dad to cash in whenever they could use a chore break or a night out. Or use these cute printables as templates for your coupons!